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The System Mission

The Healthcare Credit Union System focuses on high quality service to Ohio's healthcare workers. It preserves Ohio's healthcare credit unions' legacies, traditions, and identities. Plus, it creates synergy and
economies of scale to secure Ohio's healthcare credit unions' futures. Together we are stronger.

The Challenges of Today

Credit unions are facing many challenges in today's world. Our primary challenges include:
• Market demands
• Financial demands
• Compliance and regulation
• Technological advances
• Corporate stabilization
• Economic uncertainty: regional variances

Key Success Factors

The development of the Healthcare Credit Union System provides several elements for success. It:
• Benefits all stakeholders: members, officials, employees, executives
• Builds mutual trust in system partners, while preserving member credit union identity
• Provides a shared back office support system
• Has a core mission to serve healthcare workers

Conceptual Framework of the System

There are three business components of the Healthcare Credit Union System.

• The "Member Credit Union" - YOUR credit union!
• The "Credit Union System" - the charter entity.
• The "Support Areas" - the back office support.

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