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The Benefits

The development of the Healthcare Credit Union System provides benefits for everyone!

To Your Members:
• Your members will not lose their healthcare credit union (like a merger into a community charter credit union would do).
• You will be more focused on serving your members.
• You will be providing better rates due to economies of scale and lower operating costs.
• You will be providing a wider range of high quality products and services.
• You will be providing additional convenience.

To Your Credit Union:
• You will be able to negotiate maintaining an executive position.
• Your will be able to negotiate staff retention.
• You will be able to negotatiate governance participation through Board seats.
• Your credit union identity will be maintained via co-branding.
• Your tradition and legacy will be preserved and honored.
• You will handle the fundamental local market driven decision making.
• Your branches will remain intact, where prudent.
• You will be able to refocus your attention to member services and meeting the needs of your members.
• You will not be distracted by the "back office" functions.
• You will have an expanded field of membership to develop and serve.

To The System:
• Provides access to greater resources.
• Achieves economies of scale, driving down operating expenses.
• Provides knowledge sharing among member credit unions.
• Provides risk dilution - ALM, Credit Risk, Operational Risk.
• Provides development of future leaders within the System.
• Enhances the System's geographic reach through your established branches.

The Opportunity

The development of the Healthcare Credit Union System provides a wealth of opportunity.

• It would build a large credit union dedicated to your healthcare members (potentially over $200 million)
• It would expand your market in your region via the Trade Industry Profession (TIP) field of membership, which includes ALL healthcare workers in Ohio.
• Leverage the highly valuable and stable healthcare field of membership.
• Back office consolidation.

Matters of Importance

There are important things to consider with the development of the Healthcare Credit Union System.

You and Your Employees:
• You as the member credit union executive will continue to be responsible for your credit union's success.
• You will be able to negotatiate the retention of your member services and lending staff.
• Your back office staff will be reassigned to your credit union's member services or lending duties or to the System's support area, dictated by good business practice.
• You and your employees will have a thorough and complete benefits package.
• Your employees will have a larger credit union to further develop a career path.
• Your employees gain a strong, stable work environment.

Your Board:
• You will be able to negotiate governance participation through board seats.

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